Bianca Geater

It is said that good designers are praised for their technique, but that great designers are valued for their impact.

Over the past eight years working in design and management, I have learned that the best designs are those that weave meaning into aesthetics. It is not just about making projects look good for the sake of it, it is also about the creative expression of purpose and meaning. Design is a way of aligning my creativity with structure and substance.

Upon receiving a brief I instinctively interpret it, create strong concepts and set out a clear structured path of how we are going realise our vision. I lead from the front, yet I am conscientious of those around me. Although I require my team to put in above average effort and commitment, I do so because it is also the standard I hold myself to.

While the initial part of the creative process is about surrendering to inspiration, I am well aware that inspiration is has no impact unless it’s accompanied with structure.