What started off as a clothing label has since evolved into Cape Town’s very first dog hotel and daycare.
Working hand in hand with the owners of atFrits from initial inception to final execution, this has been a milestone in my career and allowed me to grow creatively and professionally.

The brand was built around the owner’s quirky dog named Frits. The entire voice of the brand is that of Frits himself. Typefaces are used as he would write, images are cut out as he would cut them out. We would do almost nothing without ‘consulting’ the essence of Frits. This persona carried the entire visual language of the brand. I thus had to implement an alternative method to receiving and translating briefs, as close encounters with a canine essentially had to steer and guide my visual communications.

A logo and concept was developed, followed by an online clothing store and packaging for the clothing items. After council approved the creation of a dog hotel in the Cape Town CBD the entire Hotel had to be put together in little over a month. The interior had to be planned and were designed with themed rooms and play-area’s. I was responsible for conceptualising and actualising all of these elements, and the process of bringing a set of ideas into fruition was more than rewarding.

We were able to achieve an amazingly unique concept in the heart of Cape Town, and we are very proud of being able to introduce South Africa to ‘doggy heaven’.

Client        @Frits Dog Hotel & Daycare centre
Services    Brand Management – Art Direction – Interior Design – Project management – Corporate Identity Design – Packaging Design – Marketing Collateral Design – Web Design