The name Missgee originates directly from my surname and personal experiences I have had with a surname like Geater, which is often not pronounced correctly and resulted in people calling me something else most of my life. Missgee is a personal construction of the things that make me who I am. An inner path of exploration and burrowing below the surface, to reach that which is the very entity of personal taste and happiness. Missgee is represented boldly, vibrantly and passionately. Therefore I created my own font to fit the shapes. The rest of the shapes used are all plump and overwhelming. The thought behind these shapes contributes to the creation of the Missgee fantasy, where mad shapes grow on trees, where all is colorful and bright, where bubbles can float in the sky and you can get swept away to any dream you feel possible. It is the curios world of the Missgee desire, where your imagination is the solution.

Humans are still primordial within, even beyond the most revolutionary progression, the basics, such as basic shape, still forms a pioneering part of our existence. Therefore fundamental material can still be appreciated. Bold shape represents confidence, bright colors represents confidence with joy. Therefore always be happy, always be vibrant, and always send only beauty into the universe, rid the universe of dreadful things. Bad design kills, it kills the human appreciation of splendor, bad design kills societies faith in the creative’s, and bad design kills the creation of imagination. Bottom-line:  Missgee says bad design kills.

Client          The open Window, final year
Services     Concept – Corporate Identity – Marketing Collateral